Chris Baus

Bears rip hole in my garage door

So I just got home from a very long day at the data center in Boise. As anyone who has spent anytime in a data center knows, these things aren't designed with ergonomics in mind. Combined with two flights and 100 miles of driving in one day and I'm a bit grumpy. I was happy to arrive back in Tahoe and pull up the driveway of Shackteau Baus. Home sweet home.

Unfortunately I was greeted with a big darn hole in my garage door. Hmm. That's odd. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure the bears, which are getting more aggressive in Tahoe, attempted to break into the garage and eat my garbage. I wish they would have busted the lock on the back door like the last time.

Owning a house in Tahoe is a high maintenance proposition, there is no question, but I never factored in bear damage. I don't know what stops them from breaking into the house and getting into the fridge. That thought keeps me awake from time to time.