Chris Baus

South Lake Tahoe Ski Conditions

I was fortunate enough to get a few runs in @Heavenly this afternoon on a splendid bluebird day – these are the days it pays to live in Tahoe!

We had a warm storm move through the Tahoe area on Monday which brought mostly rain even up to pass elevations until Monday evening. The temperatures dropped significantly last night leaving about 6” of cold new snow up to about 7800’ with more at higher elevations.

It was clear and crisp on the mountain which keep the snow in decent shape. I made my first runs of the season in Mott Canyon, and I’d estimate that new snow measured over a foot in places in the Canyon.

At higher elevations, the deeper snow tended to be heavy and crusty in places due high temps and water content at the beginning of the storm. The stream is open under the Mott lift and there is still a ton of rocks and trees showing, so use caution.

Lower down on the mountain near Stagecoach, base depths have decreased from a few weeks back due to the warming trend we had last week and the rain at the front of the storm.

Kirkwood must be in excellent shape as they were reporting snow throughout the storm – wish I could spare the time to head out there.