Chris Baus

South Tahoe Ski Conditions

I just came down from Heavenly. Here’s a quick update on the conditions:

We are off to a good start this year. Thanksgiving saw some of the best early season conditions since 2005. I was expecting a little less this week as temperatures increased dramatically going into the weekend. We received some rain at my house down near lake level, which I assumed would make the conditions hard and fast.

I grabbed my snowboard late this afternoon with the intention of getting some exercise on Stagecoach (which just opened Friday). Much to my surprise there was some decent new snow up higher on Stageline under the chair, which made darting in and out of the woods over thinly covered stumps, logs, and rocks rather entertaining.

Lower Olympic and Stagecoach were still pretty hard from the warmer temps, and I used the conditions there as an excuse to practice riding switch.

Coverage is fairly thin, but as it is still the first week of December, overall the mountain is in good condition. Stagecoach, the Face, and Mott are all open.

As an aside, there was a strange inversion going on. I wish I had grabbed my camera. Carson Valley was socked in the clouds, which gave the impression of a vast sea 4000’ feet below the top of Heavenly. I’ve seen this happen over the lake, where it can be dark and overcast at lake level, and warm and sunny on the mountain, but I haven’t seen a similar effect over Carson Valley. Must have been a dreary day down there.