Chris Baus

Coming full circle, or what's next?

About a year ago I visited a co-working space in Melbourne, FL with the intention of renting a desk to start working on a software project full-time. On the same day, I, unexpectantly, received an offer I couldn’t refuse in Orange County, CA. I have no regrets about accepting the opportunity, but as the contract winds down this month, and after a whirlwind of a year, it is time to consider what to do next.

I think it is in my best interest professionally and personally to invest in my own project. I’ve decided to resurrect a prototype I started a couple years back called Paperless. I think the premise of the project still holds: there are many SaaS applications which generate a lot of data, but they don’t provide users an easy way to report on their data. This includes products like the one I spent the last year working on. I want to create a web-based, data reporting tool which can be licensed to other SaaS companies. I don’t think there is lack of demand. It is a problem of execution.

I consider software projects to be like surfing. Your goal is head toward the shore. But you have to be prepared to change course with the conditions. So while my tentative plan is to build a licensable product, I have to see where this goes. I’m flexible. In the worst case, I, hopefully, will have a show case of my technical work, which I fully control.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to regaining some of the love for technology.