Chris Baus

I can't take Linkedin seriously

Linkedin endorsements are an odd feature, which probably (in some way I don’t fully understand) benefits Linkedin, but adds a bunch of noise to their network. I have been endorsed multiple times for Object Oriented Programming. If you’ve worked with me in the last few years you’d know, although I drank a lot of OO kool aide early on in my career, I have actively admitted many of these constructs do not work well for modern web apps which are heavily database driven. Whether you agree or disagree with me on this topic is a discussion for another day, but the point is, I don’t know if I want to be known as an expert in OOP at this point in my career, and it shows the complete randomness of endorsements.

When I was invited to Linkedin many years ago, I setup an account with one job title: Pie Tosser at Joe’s House of Pizza. As time went on and more people joined the network, I decided to take it a bit more seriously and added my currently job title. But I couldn’t help myself. The ludicrousness of the endorsement feature caused me to snap again last week, and I started adding random skills to my profile which are just as valid as the skills I’ve been endorsed for. For instance: “Kicking Ass” and “Taking Names.”

Although Linkedin was an early mover in the industry, I have a feeling they won’t be around that long – especially as public and private networks continue to merge. Look for my new resume to be on my github account. Github gets it right for software developers – code on the ground speaks louder than random endorsements any day.