Chris Baus

Moving on from Tahoe

About a year ago, I made the decision to rent out my house and spend the summer in FL. For many years I never considered living in FL — I bought a condo there for personal and financial reasons, but didn’t consider it a place I would want to live.

But as time has wore on, I’ve realized I have less in common with Tahoe. While I enjoyed the mountains and late season skiing this spring, I feel like a stranger in my own town, and other than my house (which is starting to feel more like an asset than a home) there isn’t a lot keeping me here. If I was stay in the N. Nevada area, I would probably make the same decision as many other long term Tahoe locals and move off the hill to Reno [1].

I spent almost all of 2016 and first 3 months of 2017 living by the ocean, and I realized I liked living on the beach. If I could justify the cost, I would consider moving back to Southern California where I spent 7 months in past year, but, alas, I am cost sensitive.

There are multiple reasons I’ve decided to base out of FL, but the primary reason is I find it a good place to work, and I want to focus on my work. I enjoy software, but I want to foster that by working on a project I want to work on.

So in some ways I’ve come full circle over the past year. On Saturday I leave for FL. There is a spare bedroom, and, as always, I welcome guests.

[1] Reno has changed significantly over the past few years and economically things are looking up. It is one place I would seriously considered living and working