Chris Baus Podcast 3 Podcast 3

I recorded a quick podcast tonight. No big picture ideas, just some discussion on email, calendaring, and task management geekery.

At work I am stuck using Exchange even though Gmail is my mail application of choice. Fortunately a new feature in Gmail (ok it isn't that new; it came out in July, but I just heard about it) which enables it to send email out through third party SMTP servers has made my life much better. It makes it possible to send all my email from Exchange to my gmail account. The only draw back is that Gmail polls our Exchange server using POP3, so emails aren't updated instantly.

I then push my email and calendar to my new iPhone using Gmail's Exchange Active Sync. It is a strange world we are living in when an Apple product talks to a Google service, using a Microsoft protocol.

Finally, I tie my Google calendar together with my Exchange calendar using the Google Calendar Sync program which is a desktop application. Blah, now that's a hack. Why Google doesn't offer a web service to do this is beyond me. Maybe there is a technical reason I don't understand.

I am back to using todoist for task management, but haven't found a great iPhone solution there. I also briefly discuss multi-tasking on the iPhone, and the reason I bought an iPhone over the Motorola Droid. Simple things like scrolling web pages are still glitchy on Android. Plus when Android phones start shipping on AT&T this spring, it will be possible to use both platforms on the same carrier. Thus far my experience with AT&T has been fine.