Chris Baus

Spring Skiing on the Face

I got out to the mountain for a couple hours today. I like to ski The Face in the Spring when the bumps are big and soft. The Face is the most predominate slope at Heavenly -- a 1700' vert free fall to near Lake Level. Unfortunately its low elevation can make it hit or miss at the end of the season, but a series of late season storms have it in the best condition I've seen in years.

The entrance to the run is menacing right now. There is so much snow that the slope is roped off underneath the chair, making for a narrow, gnarly entrance. But passed that the run opens wide up and it is currently a combination of the famous massive, rutted bumps on Gunbarrel and some more tame, widely spaced bumps on East Bowl, with variable conditions out in the trees.

If Gunbarrel isn't exciting enough for you, consider the running the old lift line which is skier's left of Gunbarrel. After you enter the run, traverse left out into the trees and when you see you a break, drop in. This is the closest thing we have to Stowe's famous Goat (The load time on that link is worth it. That's NE skiing!) run out on the west coast. It is a steep, tight, bumpy, unmarked elevator shaft, but for the first time in years, it is skiable.