Chris Baus

Zero 7: The Garden

Downtempo music was the sound track for the new economy; it was success, youth, and new. When the boom faded and uncertainty increased, tastes found grounding in comfort music: new wave revival and garage rock.

Rock will never die. Every generation will pick up a guitar, strum a few distorted bar chords, write some crappy lyrics, and become empowered by the realization that "We can rock too!"

Where was I? Oh yea, Zero 7's new album, The Garden, is out. The breakout success of Zero 7's debut Simple Things was an exclaimation point at the end of the New Economy. Not so much of a "Get me more options!", but more of a "It's all over folks!" And it was. The hurricane winds of deflating asset values blew jobs overseas and stripped away any worth trip hop had. All that was left was glossy pop soul of Simple Things.

So, The Garden; I have a theory. This album marks a bottom in the market. The hipness value is so low that the cultural value seekers that pulled out polyester shirts with 7 inch collars in 1995, might start to find some ironic equity here. I say give it 5 years, and the kids won't want to be the reincarnation of Joy Division, but Massive Attack.

In the meantime Hot Chip is playing the Independent next month. Maybe it starts there.