I'm Chris Baus. I grew up in rust belt of rural Western NY, and have been working in software development at different levels for over 20 years -- most of which has been in the financial services domain.

I started off in C++ but have since migrated primarily to web development in JavaScript including Node.js. In between I've worked in Java, C#, and Python. I think every language has advantages and drawbacks, and actually don’t find modern ES6+ JavaScript to be too bad of a language.

Yield.IO is my current project, and I’ve used it primarily as a platform for learning React. The source code is on Github.

I'm a life long skier and snowboarder and lived for many years in the Lake Tahoe area.

I’m currently available for full-time and contract positions both remote and nationwide (US). Contact me at christopher@baus.net or follow me on Twitter.

This site is self-hosted using Ghost and a hacked up version of the Attila theme.