Financial Crisis

I'm upset by the turn of events in our financial systems this week. It is my feeling that nationalization of a large amount of our financial system will change the face of business for years to come. We are moving to an unprecedented level of socialism in this country, where it will be much more difficult to find credit needed fund new ventures and purchases. Putting the lending system into the hands of the government will result in politicizing our entire economic system. This is not something I am looking forward to.

It is also unfortunate that citizens that have worked hard and acted prudently will now be forced to pay off the debts of those who acted frivolously. This country has lost the sense of self reliance and responsibility that made us great to begin with. I am saddened to watch the greatest free market system in the world be brought to an end in the span of a couple weeks.

With that said, damn did you see that market rally today :)

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