It seems we've come full circle and are back to the late 90s hey days for developers. I'm just waiting for Webvan to rise up from the grave. Everybody is hiring and they're aren't enough warm bodies to go around, so recruiters are getting more creative. Here's a couple tactics.

Tactic one. Be up front about your sweatshop work environment.

Do it because you love it... Nine-to-fivers need not apply... The team prides itself on its work ethic and technical expertise....

Tactic two. Make your company look fun.

At Meetup, you've got Astor a few blocks away. It's a fucking mess, and you'll have to interact with all kinds of people from all over the world. Many of them may have not gone to college, and they don't care about RSS yet. It'll cost you $12. Cash only.

Hmm... where would I rather spend my time...

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