My Hackintosh


I'm not going to into the gory details of building and installing OS X on a PC, but I can verify the following configuration can run OS X lion.

Snapping the hardware together was a breeze. Installing Lion was a bit more tricky.

The system has 24GB of RAM, and SSD Drive, and 3 Monitors. It is a good performer.





The ZR2740w monitor has a problem with pixels blinking when using the DisplayPort adapter. This problem seems to go away with the dual link DVI adapter. This is a problem with the monitor, not the machine itself.

The XFX Double D 6870 video card doesn't seem to want to drive a Dual-link DVI monitor and two mini display port monitors simultaneously. I'm trying to use this configuration to solve the problem above, with the 2407s connected via mini display port to DVI adapters, and the 2740 connected via dual link DVI. I'm not sure if this specific to the Hackintosh or a problem with the card in general.

I'm now using one the DVI adapter for the HD3000 that is on the mother board itself, so only two monitors are accelerated by the 6870.

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