Not releasing libevent HTTP code

I've threatened a couple times to release the HTTP layer that I use in my proxy server and RSS updater as Open Source. I lied. I won't be pursuing libevent based code any further. Libevent is a good hack and memcached has really taken off, but being a C++ guy in the end, I'm finding asio to be a more complete package with good cross platform (including Windows) support.

I'd really like to Open Source my asio based HTTP client and try to bootstrap more serious development on asio, but I can never seem to find the time to clean up the release and do it justice. I've considered hiring a CS student to do the final packaging. And I might still do that. I'm starting to have a lot more respect for library developers. The work Christopher Kohlhoff has done on asio, nearly single handedly, is downright amazing. I hope someone is paying him well for his effort.

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