PDA: Palm vs Windows Mobile

My insane cell bill from Cingular this month has given me an impetus to buy out my contract (ouch) and look for a new provider. Now that EVDO makes high speed mobile data a reality, PDAs actually make some sense to me. Hell the ability to use SSH through my phone is worth the price of admission.

After the release of the Treo 700w it seemed that the decision between Windows Mobile and Palm OS had been made for me. Windows had won. Now with the Treo 700p, I'm not sure. My geek side wants to favor the Palm (having owned a Microsoft powered mp3 player), but my practical side thinks the market for Windows Mobile might be more lucrative for developers.

Does Palm OS have a future? Is it worth considering as a development platform? It would be interesting to find out what direction Verizon's and Sprint's device sales are headed.

update: I just re-read this and realized I wasn't foolin' anyone. I only have the geek side:) But I'm still looking for a PDA.

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