TIMTOWDI language + opinionated framework = success?

In reading over the comments both here and on reddit regarding Rails is written in the wrong language one from reddit user doubtingthomas stuck out.

It was always been my impression that the TIMTOWDI-ness of Ruby is a great foundation for Rails, because it allows the library/framework/dsl/whatever pick the way it it wants to do it without forcing it to be the same style as the base libraries or common language idioms.

Kinda like Puritans moving to the new world, where the lack of law made it possible for them to run their uptight repressive communities as they wanted. :-P

I'm starting to find credence in the idea that TIMTOWDI languages have more value when a strong leader with opinions molds the raw material to his or her liking. Interestingly Ruby never had much acceptance, at least outside of Japan, before DHH took the reins. Rails provided Ruby with a clear direction, and possibly the direction makes the TIMTOWDI aspects of the language more tolerable in day to day use.

Well it is just a thought.

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